2016 Employment First Summit  Trailblazing:  Charting Our Employment Path

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act: The Kansas State Plan
Susan Weidenbach

Ms. Weidenbach will provide a brief overview of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and will detail changes in the service delivery of workforce services as described in the WIOA State Plan.

Susan Weidenbach serves as the Manager of Workforce Development and Special Projects for the Kansas Department of Commerce, Workforce Services Division. Since her college graduation, Susan has worked in workforce development, economic development and non-profit executive administration. She has worked for Commerce for 10 yrs and has designed and directed the implementation of the several disability employment and training initiatives since 2008, including the first such Workforce Services program in Kansas. Susan currently oversees disability employment programs, Registered Apprenticeship, older worker programs, offender/corrections employment and training programs, the engineering skills training program, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Adult programs and the Commerce portion of the WIOA state planning process.