2016 Employment First Summit  Trailblazing:  Charting Our Employment Path

Smart Decision Making Through Technology
Cindy Fisher, Ed.D.

Getting and keeping a job requires a range of skills such as using public transportation, break room etiquette, asking and answering questions, making effective decisions, and more. Many persons have great work skills, but they need occasional support with problem solving and social skills. Smart Steps Mobile is a smartphone app that supports decision making for these types of everyday situations, with practical tips and social skill prompts built in. New features include the ability to create customized content for an individual or situation, a read aloud button, and the ability to text message for help. Come to hear more about Smart Steps Mobile and see a demo. www.SmartSteps4me.com

Cindy Fisher, Ed.D., is a post high transition teacher. She has taught over 30 years at all levels of special education, including stints as a learning specialist, inclusion facilitator, resource teacher, and staff developer. With a passion for developing independence and self advocacy skills in the community, she was inspired to create the Smart Steps Mobile app when working with post high students on a community college campus.