2016 Employment First Summit  Trailblazing:  Charting Our Employment Path

KANSASWORKS - Your Workforce Development System
Dale Tower, Kristin Doze, Mickayla Fink

An overview of the current Workforce Development System in Kansas and the impact of the Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) activities related to WIOA Customer Flow.

Dale Tower, BSW, Kansas Department of Commerce: Dale has worked for the Kansas Department of Commerce for three years and is currently the State Lead for the Disability Employment Initiative. Prior to his employment with Commerce, he worked in Non-Profit Executive Leadership for seventeen years with a focus on poverty and disabilities.

Kristin Doze, BS Psychology, Kansas Workforce ONE: Kristin has been with Kansas WorkforceONE for four years and currently serves as the Disability Resource Coordinator covering 62 counties in western Kansas. Prior to her involvement with workforce development, she worked in educational services for four years focusing on low-income, first generation individuals.

Mickayla Fink, MA English/Cultural Studies, Workforce Alliance: Mickayla has been with the Workforce Alliance of South Central Kansas as the Disability Resource Coordinator for 4 ½ years after serving as a Workforce Professional with the Kansas Department of Commerce at the Wichita Workforce Center for almost a year. Mickayla obtained her degree from Kansas State University where she also taught for 2 ½ years.