2016 Employment First Summit  Trailblazing:  Charting Our Employment Path

Kansas AgrAbility
Sheila Simmons & Nancy Stork- Assistive Technology of Kansas

Have you considered selling veggies at a farmers' market? Do you want to raise bees, have bottle calves, or sell eggs? Kansas AgrAbility helps beginning growers, farmers, ranchers, and family members pursue their employment goals in the area of agriculture and agribusiness. Come hear about our services and successful solutions that helped others achieve their employment goals.

Sheila Simmons has helped people with disabilities select AT solutions they need for employment, education, and living independently in the community. She works with Assistive Technology for Kansans to develop training materials for professionals, people with disabilties, and their families.assists with staff training and helps develop provider agreements for services for Kansas AgrAbility and public agencies. Sheila also works with the AT Agriculture Specialists in identifying needed modifications, finding public and private resources, and collects evaluation and satisfaction data.

Nancy Stork is an AT Agriculture Specialist and helps beginning growers, farmers, ranchers, and their family to select an AT solution to let them continue to be active in agriculture and agribusiness.